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AskBug – WordPress theme released

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that our 2nd WordPress + AnsPress theme has been released. Read more about the theme here: AskBug.

Upcoming version:

We are working on major an major updates for AskBug theme which will also make it compatible with AnsPress 4.0.

    • just read it

    • Thanks to you also. Let me know if version 1.1 solved your issue.

    • Rahul, looked through the demo site. It’s amazing !!! The site looks really crisp and clean and you’ve added a lot of features into it. Responsiveness is great too. There are some issues with the break points and how screen looks like at different resolutions. I will provide you with feedback on what might need some improvements to make it better. Thanks again for a great job !!

    • Awesome!
      However, the benefits give only a 10!
      I wish business is to flourish.

    • I’ve been trying to browse and find a changelog and a list of the changed files. Where could i find that ?

    • We need a showcase page on!!!!


    Hi Rahul,

    I can’t  set up [top right menu(login and non logined)]

    I do not see it even if I set the menu list

    Please How to


      Hi, Why do you use !important in main theme? like here

      “.home .site-stats-pos .stats-item i” under “/themes/askbug/includes/css/askbug.css” LINE Number = 646

      And how to overwrite that then with Child-theme?


        How to fix it?


          We purchased this Askbug Theme for the 3.x version of Anspress.  If we start using Anspress 4.x on January 1st then will we be able to use this Theme to start with?  Our site is in development now on 3.x and we just want to move to 4.x.


            Hey Rahul,
            I would like to buy the template, however, with the Anspress 3. … is it ready?
            Also, will I get the exact demo look… I mean simple demo clone installation?



              Marvelous theme!


                good job guys


                  could someone guide you through how to Ask the Bug settings defined. The theme has been installed on a clean WordPress platform. What do I need to do first?


                    AskBug 1.8 has exactly the same problem.  When a child theme is used, the update notice reappears and won’t go away even after update ~

                      • There must be some other issue I am sure. As I have tested this many time and this never happens to me. I would be happy to help if you can send me site details to our support email.

                      • Thanks but here’s the problem. The site is on a child blog on a multisite install, so the admin login for the child site isn’t going to give you enough privs to investigate or do anything constructive. Therefore I need to give you a Super Admin login, which I only want to do if you will register your support email address with LastPass. Are you willing to do that Rahul?

                      • You know its only good site admin policy. You can do it. You know you want to… 8^)

                      • So how do I read this? You are not going to visit my site? You are not willing to give me an email address so I can give you a secure login? Or, you’re not going to fix the issue? Rahul, some answer of some kind would be better than nothing.

                      • Oh, now I found the real issue, this happens when child theme is being used. I will fix it.

                      • Yes, this has been happening for the last three versions, when a child theme is used.

                      • Good catch Terence!



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