Where can i add mailchimp intergration code for new user register?


Hi Dear,
I would like to add the html for checkbox of Mailchimp intergration, which bellow the email  field of the question form for new user register.
Could you kindly check  how can i do that ?

Thanks You!

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I hope you can do what you want easily, this kind of work is a little tiring. jack

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The result of the code

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You can use this code to add MAILCHIMP check box custom field

  * Add custom AnsPress fields.
  * @param array $fields AnsPress fields.
  * @return array
  $fields['fields'][] = array(
   'type'        => 'custom',
   'html' => '<div class=""><p><label><input type="checkbox" name="REPLACE-YOUR-MAILCHIMP-SHORTCODE" value="1" checked="checked" />
         Subscribe to our newsletter.  </label></p></div>',
      'order' => 22, // Order of field
  return $fields;

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I get the same issue, happy wheels 🙁

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I could do this. So i can help you