Redirect does not work Anspress 4.0

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I have following issue: When I am clicking “Send question” or “Send answer” button there is no redirect to page with question or answer does not appear. I see loading icon and it’s all. Question and answer appear only when I refreshed the page.

How can I fix it? Thank you!


Rahul, now after clicking send question redirect works, but I see following (attached picture) and unfortunately after click send answer, redirect does not work(( . What can you recommend?

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As I understood the font Anspress does not upload after redirect from send question

Thanks for reporting, I just pushed a fix.

Hello Parker, did you solve issues?

Hi ABL, sorry for the late response.
Rahul. It looks like the fix didn’t get pushed yesterday. Can you double check that you made the commit?
Thank you!

Hello Parker, my fault. I just pushed.

It is working. Great. Rahul, thank you so much!!!


Please try latest commit

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What do you mean?

Rahul your latest commit works for me. Thank you!


I recently noticed an issue with reCaptcha addon which don’t let submit question form. I have already fixed it few days ago, please make sure to download latest commit from our repo.

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I am not using reCaptcha. I downloaded plugin one more time and it’s did not solve the problem


Redirect works right in Anspress 4.

If it is not working for you, follow the standard WP procedure to check for errors. Enable debug.log, switch to default theme and check your browser for script errors. Also some plugin could cause that.