mycred and anspress integration

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I installed the mycred plugin and selected Hooks, ex: Points for Publishing Content, and the points appear in the mycred log. But they are not appearing in the users profile. How do I get this to correctly display the earned points for each user’s anspress account?

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On the MyCRED forums, a user claims to have written a full integration with AnsPress. I’m currently trying to contact this user to at if I can get a copy of the source code.

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Thank you itomhq, please let us know if this is possible

That will be super cool as it will save tons of time. Please let me know when he respond to you.

No response yet. Hard to follow up as well – all their posts are moderated and I’m still waiting for mine to be published



AnsPress does not integarte with mycred by default. You can see all reputation of AnsPress in user profile of AnsPress.