I want to add a new question to the default page

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I am Japanese. This sentence is written using Google Translate.
I am sorry if there was an obscure part.
I would like to add a new question to the default page.
I saw the following page, but I do not understand it deeply.
And there are things I wonder a couple of questions.
1. Where do I install custom-form.php? Is it in “anspress-master” folder?

anspress () -> get_form ('sample_form') -> generate ();

in which file do you write?
3.override-ask-form.php, sanitize-validate-field.php, save-custom-form.php Three of these are not sure where to install.
I want to add a new question to the default page even if only one thing is done, but I do not understand easily because I translate sentences and read it.
If I do not deepen understanding a little, is it possible to achieve my purpose?

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in templates / ask.php
<? php ap_ask_form ();?>
I understood that this part is calling the question form.
“ap_ask_form ()” seems to be defined up to lines 2134 – 2195 of includes / functions.php.
Currently, I can understand this far.
After this, I do not know how I can change the default form.

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