How can you add custom profile fields to the user profile?

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Can we easily add education, work and other fields?  What about dynamic fields with autosuggest across hundreds of rows of data?


Hello Frank,

I will suggest using BuddyPress for profile. Also since 4.0, BuddyPress will be default profile plugin.

BuddyPress already have field editors.

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Good to know! A bit sad though cause I liked AP profile pages a lot. I guess it will mean a better and easier integration in WP when you are aiming for a small social network. Definitely my goal, so I guess I’ll still be able to contribute to the documentation. 😉

Profile is not gone for every, I will push profile/activities/notifications again in few days but it will be available as an addon.

Addon sounds like the best way to go. 4.0 is definitely a really exciting release! 😀