Few issues with categories and more

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Hi there, I have few gamebreakers right now with this plugin. Lets see if we can fix them.


  1. Every Question Category show all questions. ie. lets say I have test1, test2 and test3 categories set up in question categories, and I have one question in each, I see all three questions in every category, no matter which I’m in. Categoeries PAGE shows that there is only one question in each, but when I go in to that category, it lists all questions no matter which category they have been “tagged” in. Suggestions where to start looking?
  2. Every Question Category makes my POSTs categories active, ie. lets say I’m in test1 category, I see from my menu that ALL posts categories are active, ie. there is class “current-menu-item” present in each one. Ideas? …might be related to the fist problem)
  3. Can’t edit or delete own question. Now there are many posts about this already, so I assume fix is on the way, ETA?


I have already disabled all other plugins, and no help there,.. so core problem(s) or theme related I guess… Let me know if you need more info and where to dig deeper please.


Thanks! – Yorkki

Not sure what’s going on,… but now suddenly #1 problem has solved itself,.. this is like twilight zone,.. now the categories only show their own “tagged” questions and not all. Not sure what has happened, since I did nothing! 🙂 …anyways, I’ll keep my eye on this. #2 and #3 problems still exist. – Yorkki


Yes, all seems fine now. Sorry to waste your time, maybe a caching issue or something? Thanks anyway

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Seems like caching issue. No problem.


Hi, was the first problem resolved as I am getting the same. All answers, without priority listed on all categories. Many thanks,


Hello Yorkki,

I will check #2 but not sure about #3. Make sure you have added caps from AnsPress tools.

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Caps from tools? …trying to figure out what that is… 🙂

Capability 😀

I might be too tired 🙂 , but still not getting it… you mean Categories from Ad-Ons? Or,.. something else… can’t find anything related to Capabilities in Ans Tools… I’m lost 🙂

WP-Admin -> AnsPress -> options -> UAC

Yeah, all UAC are set 🙂

Anyways, same issue as these:

Admin can edit and delete, normal user can not, even with ap_delete_question and ap_edit_question