Feature request – Subscribe to a tag

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It would be great if a user can subscribe to a tag and be notified of new questions related to that specific tag.

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Could you give me an idea of how to switch on these notification features? I have installed the latest version of the plugin and also Notifications extension is switched on and this is what I only see: 
Please help me to switch on notifications. Thank you for this great plugin!

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We have improved (and working) existing “Basic Email” (now “Notifications for AnsPress”) and added this features:
– Notify when site have new question or answer (if user subscribed).
– Notify when new questions or answers in subscribed tags.
– Notify when new questions or answers in subscribed categories.
– Notify when new activities in subscribed question.
– Also a user get notifiedy if he is mentioned (i.e. @nerdaryan)

By default participants will receive all question activities notification, user can simply unsubscribe if he wants.

So you encourage us to start using/testing this extension? 🙂

Sounds great. So it seems there will be multiple extensions for the main plugin now is that right? From what I gather there will be:

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