Breadcrumbs not showing up on question page

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I’ve added the breadcrumb widget to the “Anspress before” widget area. It shows up on the questions list page and the categories pages, but not on the actual question page. I’ve tried installing it on two separate websites with different themes and the same problem occurs. Any ideas on what to do?

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Five days and no answer. Is this plugin still maintained?


Hello Oliver,
For some reason ap_before action is not triggered. I will not not be able to investigate, why.
But for now please follow below steps:

  1. Copy single-question.php from AnsPress templates folder.
  2. create a folder in your child theme and name it anspress
  3. Now paste single-question.php in this directory.
  4. Open single-question.php in text editor and add do_action(‘ap_before’) at the top of file after <php tag.
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Thanks for your help Rahul, but it still doesn’t work. Maybe it will work in your new version. Thanks anyway.


Yes its maintained. Very busy due to next release.
try adding this code to you theme’s functions.php:

add_action( 'ap_before' , function(){
    if ( is_question()){

Let me know if does not work.

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Hi there, it still doesn’t work.

Please give me access to your site.

how do i send you login credentials privately?

@Oliver mail him at

Subject: [ANSPRESS] breadcrubms not showing up on question page

and add this post link in message box so he will recognize you. send him admin login details, rest other conversation will happen over mail privately.

Okay I sent the creds two days ago. Please look into it. Thanks.

I can’t be the only person this is happening to. I’ve installed it on three sites and none of them show the breadcrumbs on the question page.

which breadcrumb plugin you are using.. i am using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin and it is working fine check my website

The breadcrumbs are generated by anspress. You don’t need a separate plugin.
Still haven’t heard anything from Rahul. I guess I’m not going to receive any help with this.

Sorry for late replay. Working hard for upcoming version so was not able to replay to all questions asked here. I am accessing your site now.