Ask question issue..

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Have the following issues:

  1. Ask button in FR is not working. See
    When clicking the “poser one question” (ask) button, nothing happens.
  2. Ask button in FR is pointing to NL.
    For now i have added a little js to hack the url to fr

I tried following actions:

  • Latest version of wordpress, WPML, woo commerce, AnsPress are installed. I also tried de-activiting all plugins without succes.
  • Theme is Avada also latest version.
  • disabled all plug-ins -> not working
  • switched to twentyseventeen theme but…then i bump on issue no.2

Can you help me with this struggle?
I can give you access

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Are you going to answer this?


Hi Any news about this pls?

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Sorry for late replay. You selected the answer, is it solved?

Hi Rahul, thx for reacting. no it’s not solved.

AnsPress does not work well with WPML. Some customization in code will be required.

Ok, how can we proceed to fix it?

Can you let me know howto proceed?

Can you offer a solution or not?

Never mind answering…i installed another one