Anspress Plugin Not able to submit question & answer & comment from front end

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we are using Anspress Plugin from last 8 months, its working fine but suddenly am Not able to submit question & answer & comment from front end.from wp-admin its working.its very critical issue.please help me.

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In page its calling

var ajaxurl = “”,ap_nonce = “293e5053f6”,apTemplateUrl = “”;apQuestionID = “5617”;aplang = {“loading”:”Loading..”,”sending”:”Sending request”,”file_size_error”:”File size is bigger than 0 MB”,”attached_max”:”You have already attached maximum numbers of allowed attachments”,”commented”:”commented”,”comment”:”Comment”,”cancel”:”Cancel”,”update”:”Update”,”your_comment”:”Write your comment…”,”notifications”:”Notifications”,”mark_all_seen”:”Mark all as seen”,”search”:”Search”,”no_permission_comments”:”Sorry, you don’t have permission to read comments.”};disable_q_suggestion = “”;

why this ajax is calling


I uninstalled current version(like customized) plugin, i installled version 4.1.12 but still am not able to submit question ,answer &  comments..please help me,its very critical issue for us..

Thanks in advance.

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