AnsPress 4.0 beta 2 is out!

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Hello Friends,

I have released 2nd beta of 4.0. You can easily upgrade from 3.x to 4.0.Please give it a try and let us know what you think about it.


Download link:

AnsPress 4.0.0-beta.2


Hello Rahul,

Currently I’m so in our new development environment to set up and have some questions:

1. Getting to the dashboard and profile (URL)?

2. Where people can subscribe to any questions or category?

3. The system does not send emails to the question and answer installers. But only to the administrator if there is a new question.




I modified Avatar addon, and found solution, but it is somewhat heavy, maybe You will take it further?

I have modified get_avatar() and added helper function ap_has_avatar(), to check, if user has set his gravatar (image). If not, then function is returning false, and anspress dynamic avatar is generated.


If Guest (not logged in user) is posting answer, then post is added as awaiting approval, but everybody can see it. Bug.


Be the way, what about comments shown by default (option)? Is there any chance to implement that now, as 4.0 is much faster and well optimized?


I don’t see anywhere some mention about WP caching plugins compatibility (was promised).

Any information about it  ?
Thanks !!!


Thank you@Rahul Aryan, I have updated to beta2, Permalink format is a great change.
In addition, when I ask a question, can invite specific users to answer? For example: I ask a question!@user1 @user2 @userN , they will receive an invitation.


I tested upgrade process and 3 things happened:

1. All answers are shown with class .best-answer, so they look like this:

2. Categories need to be re-saved in order to get them working, if not, category page is blank.

3. Categories saved color and icon setting are lost after migrating process.



  • i don’t see code for managing subscribers, so there is no subscriber added, when user makes comment or adds answer. Then theres is no way to check who is subscribing what, and no notification for any action is being send to the corresponding user,
  • Dynamic avatars not working as excapted, all avatars are replaced, even if user has set gravatar via



what about user page? (About, Profile, Activity feed, followers etc).

There is no page about this…..


I get a error message:

Installing Plugin from file:
Unpacking package …

Installing the plugin …

Target directory already exists. **************/wp-content/plugins/anspress-question-answer/

Plugin installation failed.

Back to the plugin installation.