Hello Friends,

I would like to share some details about upcoming version  4.0.

We jumped directly from version 3.0.7 to 4.0 because we are introducing many breaking changes. Main purpose of v4.0 is performance and optimization. We have improved all of our existing queries. Better caching of objects and results.

You all will happy to hear that we succeeded in reducing interaction with mysql. In current version of AnsPress there are at least 110 MySql queries in question list but in v4.0 its reduced to just 18 queries.

Also we are working on serving static cached page for non-logged in users. For page caching site must have w3tc or WP Super cache installed.

Let us know your thoughts. (Please do not request new features which are not related to performance).


Rahul Aryan

Update: 28 October

I decided to split some features of AnsPress as extensions. There are many features in AnsPress which are not commonly used. This will keep AnsPress core simple. Following features will be available as extensions:

  1. Activities Feed
  2. Notifications
  3. User Profile
  4. Mentions
  5. Subscribers
  6. Reputations
  7. Hover Card

Deprecating apmeta table

Apmeta table is very confusing to lots of developers, as it is used to store many types of data. We will create separate table for each data type when wp meta table is not enough.

Update: 10th December

I can finally say, AnsPress core improvements are finally over. But before release next version, I want to give enough time to our contributors to test upcoming version. So, next week AnsPress 4.0 demo will be online.

Update: 19th December

Please check demo for version 4.0 at https://d.anspress.io/. Some extensions are not added yet.

Update: 20th December

One of the most awaited issue “uninstall failed” has been solved.

Update: 30th December (final update)

All extension merged to AnsPress core as addons. This was done for easy of handling updates and translation. All major features can be toggled using option panel.

Download 4.0.0-beta.1