OneSignal (push notification)

OneSignal is a free service for mobile and web push notifications. Notifies user in real time for new activities.

Question Labels

Add question_label taxonomy for labelling questions.


Integrate AnsPress with WooCommerce. Add question and answer tab in WooCommerce.


Notify users by email on new activities on their posts. Also notifies site admins for defined activities.


Notifies user for new activities. Also add fancy notification dropdown like Facebook and Stackoverflow.


Allows user to select defined category for question.


Allows users to add tags to their questions. An autocomplete field is added to question form for easy tagging.


Award reputation points to user based on their activities accroess the site.

User Profile

Inbuilt user profile for AnsPress. Shows user questions, answers and reputations.


Check for spam in contents submitted from frontend using Automattic’s Akismet API.