AnsPress shortcode

There are only two shortcodes available in AnsPress, Sort byActiveNewestVotedAnsweredUnansweredUnsolved CategoryCoreGeneralIssuesThemesUpdatesWordPressLabelsBugCheckingDuplicateFeature requestFixedIn progressWaitingWidget 16 ans 9 votes AskBug – WordPress theme released 12936 views Shubham_Agrawal answered June 9, 2017 Updates 30 ans 8 votes Closed AnsPress 4.0.0 5501 views darshitkhatri edited comment on answer June 6, 2017 Updates 8 ans 2 votes AskBug 3 is […]

AnsPress 3.0 Changelog

We are very happy to announce that AnsPress 3.0 is stable and released to WordPress plugin repository. All extensions and themes are updated as well. Download from GitHub: AnsPress 3.0 . Changelog: Added reset button in option form Fixed editor issue The function ap_user_get_member_for() previously gave no output for users who joined today. Some bug […]

Whats new in AnsPress 3.0

Everyone is eagerly waiting for AnsPress 3.0 release. We did many core improvements and bug fixes in this version. Most of the bugs are fixed and we are very close to release AnsPress 3.0. I will talk about few major updates of AnsPress here: Informative Dashboard Improved AnsPress dashboard for better information and insights.   […]

Add Syntax Highlighter in AnsPress

By default AnsPress sanitize and preserve code in question and answer, but code button and syntax highlighter is not there by default. To get this enabled you have to follow below steps: Install Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin and activate it. Go to Find Decode HTML entities in code and check checkbox. Find Display the […]

How to disable AnsPress user profile

You can follow this instructions if you are trying to disable default AnsPress user profile. This option is helpful when you site is already using any other profile plugin or you just don’t want to use it. I am writing a simple instructions for disabling profile. Below code will tell AnsPress not to load its […]

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