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Amazing Features

Answers to all of your needs for creating a professional Q&A site.


Shows all user notifications. Inbuilt menu item and user page.


Registered user can vote up and down on both question and answers.


User can subscribe to tags, categories or question and get notified for activities.

Points and Reputation

User gain or loss defined reputation points for every activity. Can be configured.

Flag and moderate

Hold new posts for moderation and allow community to flag posts.

Best answer

Original poster or admin can select a best answer for a question.

Private q&a

User can ask private posts which are only visible to user level above moderator.


Category extension for adding category (taxonomy) support for questions.


Tag extension for adding tag (taxonomy) support for questions.


Allow registered user to comment on both question an answer.


More then 5+ inbuilt widgets for showing AnsPress contents and links anywhere on your site.

Image upload

Inbuilt image uploader which allows user to attach images in question or answer

Syntax Highlighter

Allow visitors to add codes in question and answer and highlight it. Read the instructions.

User profile

Inbuilt user profile, its customizable and advance. You don't have to install BuddyPress or other plugin.

Edit Profile

Custom profile fields and update default profile field.

Avatar and cover photo

Allows user to upload avatar and cover photo.

Follow and followers

Allow user to follow another user to get updates.

About page

Shows all activities of and profile of user.

Notification page

Shows all notification of user.

Subscription page

Shows all subscribed questions, tags and categories of user.

User hover card

Shows card with user data when mouse over on user avatar.

Developer friendly

AnsPress is highly customizable and extensible. Every part of the theme can be overridden and customized.


AnsPress is based on the ideas suggested by its users. There are thousands of people using AnsPress and by using AnsPress they are contributing to AnsPress. We are introducing some of our active contributors below.

AnsPress team

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We are fast and professional, just let us know when you need us. We are available 12 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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